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Eye color: brown Hair color: blonde Height: 168 Weight: 53 Breast size: medium Country: United States Ethnicity: caucasian Adrianna is 23 years old 5'6" tall and weighs 116 pounds. What a hard body!! This girl did not have an ounce of fat on her - her body was rock solid. She has a real special talent. Her pussy muscles are so strong that she could get her boyfriend off just by squeezing and releasing her pussy muscles (without even moving). She said her boyfriend tells her that she can squeeze so hard that it feels like she is going to break his cock off. Sounds incredible to me!! She was fun loving and open to anything. We did a few non-nude shots outside in a very public area. In the elevator on the way down it was Adrianna, Beth, the videographer, myself, and 3 teen boys. I think they were going to the baseball game and they had already started drinking. Adrianna is wild and for some reason wanted to give these boys a show. She lifted up her shirt and said to Beth "so do you think my tits are tanned evenly". The guys said "yeah they look great can I feel them?". Adrianna said sure and they all started feeling her up. Of course she was not wearing any underwear. We wanted to film the excitement but they insisted that we did not use their pictures. Adrianna was wild and got off on their pleasure. I am sure they will remember that elevator ride for a long time. Adrianna is a hair dresser by occupation. She loves to listen to Rock and Roll and her favorite things are swimming, sex, and sleeping. She prefers men and does not really get off on women. Basically she is just a fun loving girl who loves to show her body off. This was one incredible shoot!!. As you can see she has some incredible lips!! She hung some weights from them to see how far they would stretch - you will love this scene!! Her measurements are 34B-23-34

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