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Eye color: brown Hair color: brown Height: 165 Weight: 47 Breast size: small Country: Hungary Ethnicity: caucasian OK guys, this is the real deal here!! Talk about new and fresh - ALS Scan is the absolute first company to ever shoot this cutie, as she just turned 18!! She was so nervous that she was shaking in her shoes when she came to the casting. Our good friends at Club Sandy found this honey just for ALS. We could not believe our good luck. However, Agnes had to be taught everything. I mean she knew nothing - every single fucking pose had to be taught to her. It was a lot of work, but it was well worth it as you will all see. I do not think Agnes has ever even had an orgasm. The video masturbation was a lesson on how to get off for the camera - it was very exciting seeing this innocent girl play with her pussy for the first time. What you will see is 100% real and we captured it all on video for just for you. Agnes just finished high school and is looking forward to starting college in a few more weeks. She is very tiny, standing 5'5" tall (167cm) and weighing only 103 lbs (47kg). Agnes likes pop music and she really likes to listen to J Lo. Agnes told us that she loves her mom's cooking and she loves to travel (although she has not yet traveled much, she hopes that someday she will be able to come to America). Her one wish in life right now is to be with her ex-boyfriend again. Apparently he dumped her because she would not have sex with him or give him a blowjob. Agnes said that she was not ready for that kind of stuff yet. Well, truth be told, she is now willing to give him a blowjob if that gets him back and makes him happy. Agnes shaved her pussy for the first time just for our shoot. We wanted to film her shaving her pussy but she showed up with it already shaved so we were not able to. Enough said?now is the best time ever to join ALS Scan, so just sit back and enjoy!!! Lots of Agnes pictures and video are on the way!!

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