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Eye color: green Hair color: brown Height: 175 Weight: 52 Breast size: medium Country: Hungary Ethnicity: caucasian Budapest 2008 Casting Assessment: Selected Anita Pearl did not speak much English, but then again she did not have to say a word. Anita was instantly selected on the spot as soon as we saw her with her clothes off. No question! Case closed! Few models have a sexy, come-fuck-me-look that is better than Anita’s. She was so hot at her first half day shoot that I could not stop thinking about her. We had to get her back for more. I held that last slot on the last day open and fortunately she was available to shoot. I was so happy with the final results of this trip. Shoot #1 Review / Bio: ALS is pleased to add the lovely Anita Pearl to our model line-up. During our 2008 trip to Budapest, Anita missed our casting but managed to come by later during our trip. Fortunately, we plan for these types of things and were able to schedule her for a half day shoot. Anita was incredible during this shoot, so we asked her to keep her schedule open and we would try to work with her again before we left. We worked up to the last day and are thankful that we did because we ended up getting a total of 7 full photosets and 8 masturbation videos that all turned out fantastic. Anita really shines on camera, but when she is not nude modeling, she works as a real estate appraiser. She is now 20 years old, stands 5'9" (175cm) weighs 115lbs (52kg); unfortunately, Anita did not provide us with her measurements... We do know Anita has been shaving her sweet pussy since age 12, plus she first had sex and gave her first blowjob at age 15. To this day, she says she can't go a day without having sex at least once or twice. She prefers men over women and told us that her favorite fantasy is to have sex with a very muscular, body builder type in an exotic place. When we asked Anita what her hobbies included, she told us that she loves going out dancing, as well as shopping for clothes and accessories. Anita also likes listening to progressive music, good food, and good-looking guys. Anita also told us that she does not like rude or selfish people, and that she hates traffic jams. Be sure to let us know what you think, we believe Anita Pearl is sure to please!

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