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Eye color: brown Hair color: black Height: 175 Weight: 60 Breast size: small Country: Latvia Ethnicity: caucasian I didn't have a boyfriend at the time and for quite a while and was getting really really horny. And then I met this guy ' I was irresistibly attracted to him ' I mean there was nothing else to it ' I didn't care how wealthy or poor he was, how intelligent or dumb ' all I knew was I wanted to feel his lips on mine, get hold of his penis and feel his body. And you know what? I fell in love with him in a week's time ' apart from being a fantastic lover he happened to be the most amusing, loving and wonderful man. A perfect match. The sex was awesome but after just a couple of times I was more looking forward to his hugs and our conversations than the actual sex. And that taught me a lesson ' go after what you want now and here ' just follow it ' you might find what you'd never imagine. You might find the most unexpected. You might find love.

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