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Eye color: blue Hair color: blonde Height: 173 Weight: 57 Breast size: small Country: Czech Republic I don't smoke but when travelling by train I always choose the smokers' compartments. The thing is that in spite of the smoke, which I do mind by the way, I feel there incomparably better then in the non-smoking section. Why's that. It's difficult to put my finger on it but for one there's better more relaxed atmosphere. Smokers are not as stiffed and petty and they're more tolerant and considerate. They don't seem to care that much about consequences ' they just go for things they like and allow the same to others. It's not that my boyfriend's got to be a smoker but he should certainly be relaxed and tolerant. The starchy authoritative types who grumble about others doing this and that wrong ' no, no, no ' they're not for me.

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