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Eye color: blue Hair color: blonde Height: 173 Weight: 58 Breast size: small Country: Latvia Ethnicity: caucasian For good sex I need to feel relaxed. Sex on public places? No, never ' that's not like me ' I need complete privacy, I need to feel secure. Being caught or seen in the act is something which reliably puts me off. I like good wine ' that's by far my best aphrodisiac. If you want to seduce me, best thing you can do is to invite me for good wine. And talk to me ' let me feel I can trust you. Amuse me ' make me have a good laugh. Don't try to speed things up. I'm not saying I won't go home with you the first time ' I might even surprise myself in this respect ' all I want to say is that once you make me feel all this ' you face a really good chance for having sex you'll never forget about.

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