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Eye color: green Hair color: blonde Height: 165 Weight: 52 Breast size: medium Country: Czech Republic My favourite actor? Sean Connery. His James Bond can never be surpassed. The first Bond films are so much more cool than the newer ones. And it's not just the level the villain operates at, how monstrously audacious their plans are, but it's him ' Connery who is infinitely more manly than anyone else in the role ' just think of Rodger Moore with his atrocious trousers and the wig. And even a comparison with other great film heroes makes him stand out. I mean who would be there ' Arnold Schwarzenegger? Silvester Stalone or who? This Twilight star? No, no ' it's awkwardly looking pumped up machines and an awkwardly looking kid standing next to a really graceful man. All his attitude is about not being pretentious ' not trying to be sexy, muscled, cool, elegant, but being truly and naturally muscled, cool and elegant. And that's the sexiest thing I know.

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