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Eye color: brown Height: 165 Weight: 50 Country: Hungary Ethnicity: caucasian Budapest 2007 Casting Assessment: Maybe - Maybe Yes - Not Selected Debbie is a model that got very close to being selected. We all thought that her personality seemed good, she was cute, and she had a nice body for ALS. Then during our trip she did some work for our friends at Club Sandy and they had some trouble with her. She would not change her facial expressions. Andras (the Club Sandy photographer and good friend) said that she had this same tense uneasy look in EVERY picture. The way he put it was that she almost froze up when the cameras started rolling. In person and during the test shots she was fine - she looked totally relaxed. But when the cameras started rolling it all went to shit. He said he has never seen anything like it before in his life. Given this information we decided it might be best not to risk shooting her. Budapest 2008 Casting Assessment: Maybe - Maybe Yes - Not Selected Debbie and all of the subsequent models missed the main casting and had to be casted at a later time. By this time, we had already filled 6 out of 10 shoot slots and we knew that we still had to cast Anita Pearl and Jasmine Rouge (both of whom we were fairly certain we would want to shoot). Not to mention all of the prior models that were in the Maybe Yes pile. Debbie is a hot girl and there is really nothing bad I can say about her. She just missed the cut.

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