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Eye color: green Hair color: brown Height: 175 Weight: 57 Breast size: medium Country: Czech Republic Ethnicity: caucasian You know how I test men? I look into their eyes in a way that shows them they've got a chance. That it's YOU I've chosen to make the effort and try to seduce me. One might not say there're so many different reactions. And how very few subsequently do take the effort and got the guts to start and talk to me. In fact quite a few guys get awfully scared once they're facing the chance. At that moment they sort of awake from their dreams and realize they would not be able to take care of someone like me. It's this trustworthy test that makes so many machos and models suddenly put the tail between their legs. Only men with genuine courage and self-confidence finally come down and talk to me. And they're the ones I'm ready and eager to listen and be theirs.

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