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Eye color: green Hair color: brown Height: 168 Weight: 46 Breast size: small Country: United States Ethnicity: caucasian When we first booked Franziska, we weren't sure what to expect. Once we got her to the shoot, she totally blew us away! Franziska has this great, slightly nervous yet sexy look, a rock hard, tiny body, and hot tan lines; she is driving our members crazy! We have received more positive feedback for Franziska than any other model we have released lately. This 18 year old honey is fresh to the adult biz, so ALS Scan is one of the first companies to grab her up and no one else will present her like ALS does! We are even hoping to book Franziska for a second shoot, she is extremely excited to be released and even asked us to let her know as soon as she goes up. When Franziska is not modeling, she is a student but she enjoys spending her free time having sex, eating, working out, going to "Jack in the Box" and watching "E!". Her favorite music includes alternative rock banks like "Three Days Grace" and "Mudvayne". When we asked her her likes and dislikes, she told us that she likes hot people and doesn't like bums. :) She likes both guys and girls, and her sexual fantasy is to have non-stop orgasms. This little sweetie has quite a sexual appetite, too. She wants as much sex in a day as she can get and has been having sex since she was just 13! That was about the same time she gave her first blow job, and she started shaving her pussy a year earlier. Franziska stands 5'6" (167cm) tall and weighs a mere 102lbs (46kg); unfortunately we didn't get her full measurements but she told us she has a 32A chest. Enjoy! Update: After getting such a tremendous response to Franziska's 1st ALS shoot, we just had to book her again. Between the first and second shoots, Franziska put on 8lbs (3.6kg) bringing her up to a total weight of 110lbs (49.9kg). If you ask us, this is her perfect weight; the few extra pounds really make her look even hotter, and her body is still just as rock hard as before! To mix things up a bit for our second shoot, we rented a farm for the day and did an entirely outdoor shoot. We got tons of hot pics and video of Franziska riding a tractor, getting off in a bamboo forest, by the pool, and even got her first time ever on film pee'ing! The bright, sunny weather really made Franziska extra horny and she gave even more astounding video performances than on her first ALS shoot. Plus, you can see as the day went on she was getting more tan and her skin had a beautiful glow to it, especially in the scenes with baby oil. Between shoots, Franziska moved from her home in Florida to L.A. and has been living there for a little over 3 months. We asked her how she was enjoying it and she is actually sick of it already. She says she hates the all the fake people who love to flash money, drive expensive cars and do drugs. Franziska's a sweet girl that prefers quiet nights at home reading a nice book. She is now hoping to move to back to the East Coast and possibly start an at home web-cam business. At that point, she will be working with way fewer adult companies but said she is open to the idea of working with ALS again for a third shoot! We plan to wait a few more months and see how her look changes a bit, but expect not to see too much Franziska out there on the net, ALS is going to be one of the few companies with this much Franziska content and no one will present her like us! ENJOY! Update: Franziska just keeps getting hotter and hotter! We have had enormous positive response to Franziska, so we went ahead and booked her for a 3rd ALS shoot. One thing we wanted to do different this time around was to get some major pussy action and stretching that we didn't get as much of in the first 2 shoots; before booking the shoot we talked to her about this and she told us, "Only for you!" This shoot ranks as one of our best ever in regards to raw sexual sensuality, and in total we picked up 7 new photosets and 5 masturbation/girl-girl videos. We also started doing a couple two camera shoots for some of the videos to provide multiple viewpoints, and we are also considering releasing 2 different versions of some of her videos, like a regular release and a Director's Cut that could include extra material we would normally remove. For instance, at this shoot Franziska and Leighlani were going at it so hard on a massage table that it broke and they both crashed to the ground. Fortunately, no one was hurt but it was really funny and may find its way into a video release down the road. We mixed in a lot more variety and action into this shoot than we normally do, and worked Franziska's pussy really hard! We are CERTAIN you will love Franziska's 3rd ALS shoot, as always we are getting better and better... no other site compares! Update: We don't think we could ever get enough of beautiful, tight-bodied blond Franziska. After three phenominal shoots, she just kept getting hotter and hotter. Finally, we caved in to the requests of our members and hired Franziska to be our female assistant. A couple photoshoots later, we are on set ready and waiting for sweet nubile Aubrey Belle, who had unfortunately run into some air travel issues and was delayed by a couple hours. With nothing else to do but wait, we decided why not shoot more Franziska. While we waited, we were able to squeeze in two photosets and two masturbation videos of Franziska. Eventually, Aubrey Belle arrived and we proceeded to have a great shoot with her and Franziska together; so this fourth shoot of Franziska is a branch off of that shoot. Franziska has an amazing personality and is full of spunk and attitude. Franziska is shy at first but the more she is around us, the more she opens up with her electric personality. We love working with her.

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