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Eye color: blue Hair color: black Height: 168 Weight: 54 Breast size: small Country: Czech Republic Why's there so much fuss about 'drugs'? Why do politicians love the word so much? It's just plain threats! Creating a myth that 'drugs' are evil. Making people vote for the bastards in the popular fallacy they'll protect the society against 'drugs'. So why on earth did they quit the prohibition? Because in the end they had to admit it was all nonsense? Why are we then repeating the old mistakes all over again? This time with far less reason. I mean alcoholism has always been a serious problem but dope? They're just damned afraid the 'drugs' would open up people's minds which would make them understand it's the politics which has been the bullshit and evil from the start ' not the 'drugs'. This is why they made the '60s end in an oil crisis. No, no, no ' noone will ever stop me from using substances that were here long before they invented money and politics!

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