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Eye color: brown Hair color: blonde Height: 180 Weight: 60 Breast size: large Country: United States Ethnicity: caucasian Heidi just turned 18!! She is as fresh as they come, telling us that she couldn't wait until she turned 18 to start showing her horny body to everybody. Needless to say ALS is the first to shoot her nude. Heidi is a local girl who has had her eye on becoming an ALS model. She was so excited when we selected her that she told all of her friends about it. This girl is very proud of posing nude and being selected as an ALS model. When we were shooting at her place the phone kept ringing off the hook. All of her friends kept calling to see how the shoot was going and what kind of poses she was doing at the time. After a point our female assistant started taking the calls and giving updates so we could keep the shoot going. Heidi is 5'11" and weighs 132 lbs. She wears a 34D Bra and did not know her other measurements but as you can see from her pictures she has an incredible body. Heidi was telling us that at 14 years old she was almost flat chested and then her breasts just started growing one night. Even as recent as a year ago she was only a B-size bra cup. By the looks of it she is still growing so we may have to pay her another visit in about a year or two just to see what has developed. :-) Heidi is a Lead Singer in a rock band (and she plays guitar as well). She likes cooking, partying, listening to music (metal) and can't get enough sex. She told us that she walks around her apartment nude all the time - "I almost never wear clothes", she told us. Her fantasy is to have sex onstage during one of her live shows. I have a strong feeling that this fantasy will come true!! Heidi's shoot will amaze you - tons of great stuff. She did 3 full fisting scenes, 2 or 3 pissing scenes, all kinds of objects, and some of the best gaping hole stuff we have ever shot.

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