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Eye color: blue Hair color: black Height: 165 Weight: 47 Breast size: small Country: Ukraine When it comes to sex I happen to be an exceptionally moody girl. I have lived on my own for quite a while now so when I don't feel like having sex I just don't. I am able to ignore my lovers and any attempts to seduce me for weeks. Then I don't even feel like do it to myself. And then ' one day, all of a sudden ' there it is: an all too familiar irresistible craving for having it. And at that point ' if none of my lovers are available or more probably ' after I have exhausted them ' I will take the toys out of the drawer and be using them for the purpose they've been designed for. Once the energy has been unleashed I am unstoppable. Would that be the strange case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde? You think of it whatever you like.

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