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Eye color: brown Hair color: blonde Height: 163 Weight: 42 Breast size: small Country: Hungary Ethnicity: caucasian Shoot #1 Review / Bio: Talk about newbie - ALS Scan is the first company to ever shoot pictures and video of Jordan. Let me tell you, this cutie was very shy. I do not think that she even spread her pussy before, as we had to teach her everything. Jordan is a quick learner though, and by the last set she had a good understanding of what we needed - we got some excellent stuff. She did a great job for it being her first time. Sure she has played with boys and girls sexually in the past, but never for the camera. Jordan is just 19 years old and is currently a freshman in college. She stands 5'4" (164cm) tall and weighs just 92 lbs (42Kg). Jordan is a pretty tough girl who is taking Karate so that she can protect herself in case a man tries to take advantage of her. She also stays fit by swimming as much as possible. She likes to dance and listens to house (DJ) music. Her likes: Italian food, shopping for clothes, and flowers. Her dislikes: Winter, classical music, and fattening foods. Jordan enjoyed being fisted by our assistant Amy Lee and easily did all of our crazy toys. Jordan became sexually active pretty early and was doing it all by 13. She is another one who started shaving her pussy as soon as she got hair. Jordan is totally cute and we hope you enjoy our newest ALS Scan addition. Budapest 2007 Casting Assessment: Maybe - Maybes Yes - Not Selected You may remember Jordan from two years ago. We were the first company to ever shoot her. She still looked pretty good and I thought that maybe we could shoot more of her. This time she had some odd bumps on her face and chin that concerned us. You all know that photographs can be touched up but now that we are shooting everything in Hi-Definition video, those bumps would become quite obvious. None-the-less, she is still really cute so we agreed to put her in the "Maybe Yes" pile. Jordan remained there until 8 days later when she was bumped so that we could do a girl-girl shoot with Klaudia and Blue Angel on the last day. I was also slightly bothered by her bleached hair. The first time we shot Jordan, her hair was much more natural looking.

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