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Eye color: blue Hair color: blonde Height: 163 Weight: 43 Breast size: small Country: United States Ethnicity: caucasian Kacey Jordan is very new to nude modeling; in fact, ALS was one of the first companies to shoot her. Kacey had just turned 19 years old, and being the adventurous type she wanted more than her small Oregon town could offer. Since the two things she loves the most in this world are sex and money, she decided that nude modeling would be an exciting choice. But everything does not always go as planned. Kacey had a bit of an accident on her flight out here. She had packed some kind of purple shampoo and it exploded all over her suitcase during the flight. When she went to pick up her luggage at baggage claim, this purple liquid was dripping out of it and almost everything inside of it was soaked. So in order to have at least a few clothes to wear, Kacey spent the evening washing out the shampoo from her clothes in the hotel bathtub. It took her hours to get it cleaned. Then she had to use a hair dryer to dry out the clothes so she would have some outfits to wear the next morning at the shoot. Needless to say Kacey did not get too much sleep that night. But surprisingly enough, she looked great at the shoot and had lots of energy 'till the end. Kacey is a tiny girl standing only 5'4" tall and weighing just 95 lbs. Her petite body is super firm and tight, there is not an ounce of fat on her. She is a Russian girl that was born in the USA and has lived here all of her life. Kacey has the most amazing blue eyes, but, what we really loved about her was her amazingly plump pussy with large pussy lips. Plus, she has one of the highest pussy slits that we have ever seen. Kacey still works at her normal job, which is at a tanning salon. There she does everything from checking in new clients to cleaning the tanning beds after each use. Her fantasy is to have sex with her boss inside a tanning bed while the solarium is still open. Her hobbies are shopping, tennis and of course, tanning. Kacey likes to listen to Alternative, Hip-hop, and Pop music. She starting having sex at the age of 17, although she told us that she has been shaving her pussy since she was 12. Kacey's measurements are 31A-24-29. Update: Due to popularity with our members, ALS decided to shoot the lovely Kacey Jordan for a 2nd time and it turned out fantastic! We've learned our lessons over the years and when we find a hottie like Kacey, we shoot them as much as we can because you never know if they will suddenly decide to get out of the business one day. This shoot was just as good if not better than the first and in true ALS fashion, we made sure to work Kacey's pussy hard! In her 2nd ALS shoot, we got 5 masturbation videos, 5 photosets, some girl-girl action with Austin, behind the scenes and even a bit of public flashing. We are sure you will love it. Kacey has a terrific personality that shines in both her pics and videos, which is a big reason we also featured her in our Tropical Shoot 2008. She gets along well with other girls and had a lot of fun working with Austin at this shoot. Kacey has been shaving her pussy since she was 12 years old and sexually active since 17. Kacey's measurements are 31A-24-29.

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