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Eye color: blue Hair color: blonde Height: 163 Weight: 45 Breast size: medium Country: Poland Ethnicity: caucasian She came to the studio knowing exactly what she wanted to do. Embarrassment with the new situation added her even more charm. Right in the first shots, her inner joy surfaced from doing what was hidden in her soul. I could not hide my admiration with her natural beauty. I didn't even dream that our working together could ever grow so extensively. The first shoot is always difficult, but that one was really unusual: photographs resulted, which had their own history and content. These were not images of the outer form alone. Something very special was happening to her and in her. With our further meetings, we became a superb duo working together on photographs. We feel the other person's sensitivity, our reactions to beauty are quite similar, we enjoy creativity and seeking fulfilment in sculpture using light and darkness. We inspire each other and suggest new concepts and visions, seek new forms and we go for fulfilling this inner need of being part of Art. Working together with her and her creativity exceeded my boldest expectations. I now feel that creativity is the deepest longing of her soul, and photography gives her this opportunity to make this longing the actual reality of daily life.

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