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Eye color: blue Hair color: brown Height: 165 Weight: 53 Breast size: small Country: United States Ethnicity: caucasian We took a chance with Kymberly. Here is a model that came with a warning. Her agent told us that she can sometimes be difficult to work with and that he could not guarantee if she would behave. We thought about it and since Kymberly was so cute we decided to shoot her. That was a great decision because she showed up happy and she was totally fun to work with. Just check out some of these scenes below. She is amazingly hot! Kymberly really enjoyed working with our assistant, Austin, and we think that is what gave her that extra glow in the pictures and video. This will be interesting because we can almost bet which scene you all will vote to be released first. Kymberly is 19 years old, 5'5" tall, and she weighs 117 lbs. Now this is a girl who got started with her sex life at an early age. Kymberly told us that she started having sexual relations when she was 13 and went all the way at 14. She was shaving her pussy around that timeframe as well. She cannot exactly remember when but one of her early boyfriends demanded it and since then she has never stopped. Kymberly told us that her fantasy is to be tied up and taken advantage of. We think the Swingtime Sex scene comes close to making her fantasy! Kymberly likes to do Ballet and Tap Dance in her free time. She finds this really relaxing and it also helps to keep her body tight and in shape. When it comes to music, Kymberly likes it all, everything from Rap to Country. She told us that she can find talent and enjoyment in all forms of music. We do not know what her agent was talking about because our experience with Kymberly was nothing less than fantastic! She will make a great addition to our fine line-up of ALS models.

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