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Eye color: blue Hair color: black Height: 173 Weight: 52 Breast size: medium Country: Czech Republic Ethnicity: caucasian We welcome Madison to our great list of ALS models. Madison won our voting contest by a significant amount so we are releasing her immediately for your enjoyment. She has the most amazing pussy lips (which you obviously already know) and we took full advantage of it. We stretched and pulled and spread them as much as possible for you. Madison was even able to do some full fisting masturbation for the video camera with her friend Nella. This girl gave us some very hot stuff that you do not want to miss. Madison is 21 years old, 5'8" (174 cm) tall, and weighs 115 lbs (52 Kg). Her measurements are 34B-24-34 (86-60-86 cm). She was lots of fun and loved our wild toys. She told us that guys always go crazy over her pussy lips and she almost wishes that they were even bigger. Madison loves it when a guy sucks on them for hours. She first had sex at the age of 16 and gave her first blowjob around that time as well. She started shaving her pussy when she was 15. She really loves attention and thinks that no matter who she ends up settling down with in life that they better be into swinging (being with other partners). She says it is not natural to stay with one person sexually for your whole life and to share partners is something that she will do. Madison likes to ride horses and yes - she can even get an orgasm while riding in a fast gallop. She listens to Rap and Hip Hop music and she just loves animals. Madison told us that she hates policemen. Not sure why but this is what she said. We are sure that you will really enjoy this hottie. Update: You all voted Madison the hottest model from our Czech 2005 trip, so in 2006 when we returned to the Czech Republic, we wanted to do something really special with her for you. We knew that we wanted to do a nude body painting shoot so who better to pick for this exciting event than Madison? We really liked the fact that she has huge pussy lips and that it would make it all that more obvious that she was not actually wearing clothes. You will love the pictures and video that we shot during this because we really captured the people's expressions as they would look at her and then realize that she wasn't' wearing anything but a thin coat of paint. Madison had a great time showing her body off to total strangers. At first she was a little shy and tried to hide her pussy lips, but as the shoot went on she got bolder :-) Update: We first shot Madison in 2005 and she was an instant hit with our members. You guys loved her huge pussy lips, puffy tits, pretty smile, and tight body. She was a pleasure to work with so we decided to shoot her again in 2006. The first day of the new shoot she did Nude Body Painting. It was very exciting and everybody had a good time. Then the next day we did another regular shoot. However, Madison was not quite right... At one point I asked Madison to put her clothes back on so that we could try it again. There was no passion or feeling to her posing. She was giving me blank looks and I was not about to accept that. Just look at her eyes; they are empty so I wanted to reshoot the start of the set again. Madison was not happy about this, walked off in a huff and brought the shoot to an early end. More details about what happened can be found in the 19 Sep 2006 Director's Blog update.

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