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Eye color: green Hair color: red Height: 170 Weight: 55 Breast size: medium Country: United States Ethnicity: caucasian Mallory is 23 years old, 5'7" tall and weighs 122 pounds. This hot redhead comes from Los Angeles where she is a dancer and model. One thing I can say about Mallory is that this girl loves to play! After her photoshoot, the whole ALS crew went back to Beth's house and partied it up :) Mallory's favorite fantasy is "to be spanked for being the naughty girl that I am." She's had over 15 piercings all over her body (most of them have been removed) and as you will see from the shoot, her favorite is her clit ring. She just loved to play with it! Mallory did everything ALS Style, including a pissing scene and she was even able to fist herself. Actually, she liked fisting so much, she had Beth fist her as well. They both really enjoyed that scene! She was 15 (and a half) the first time she had sex and enjoys pleasing both men and women. She bragged the whole shoot about how great she is at giving head, "The secret is in how to use the tongue barbell", she said. She even demonstrated for us :) A little tip for all you men...if you ever run into Mallory, she insists that her guy have stability and a great sense of humor. Mallory's measurements are: 34-25-36

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