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Eye color: brown Hair color: brown Height: 170 Weight: 50 Breast size: medium Country: Czech Republic Czech 2008 Casting Assessment: Maybe - Maybe Yes - Not Selected When Millie walked through the door we all thought, "OK, now here is the first girl that we will be selecting". She had a great personality, super-pretty face, and a wonderful smile. I was positive that she would be picked. Then she took off her clothes and it became apparent to us that she was a MILF. How can we tell? Well, we are professionals. Look at the loose skin in her stomach area, especially when she leans forward, and also look at her tits; they are a bit stretched and sagging. That combined with her big tattoo on her stomach made us very sad and were the reasons we did not select her. Don’t get me wrong, Mellie looks great for having a child which is why she did make it to the "Maybe Yes" pile. I am still not sure if she would have been a good pick or not; perhaps for our ALS Angels site where we do occasionally feature some older models.

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