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Eye color: green Hair color: blonde Height: 163 Weight: 50 Breast size: small Country: United States Ethnicity: caucasian We are pleased to introduce Melody, another ALS Scan exclusive model. One of our female assistants, Jo, was hanging out at a local nightclub listening to some cool DJ music, and she noticed this cutie dancing all by herself. Jo approached her and told her about ALS Scan and what we had to offer. Immediately, Melody wanted to hear more. Three days later she came to our offices and did a full casting for us. Obviously, we liked what we saw, and Melody said she was cool with all the crazy toys that we use. She was really looking forward to the fisting since she had done that before and really liked it. It was funny, because every time we brought out a new crazy toy, Melody's eyes got bigger and bigger. For the record, the ALS Rocket always seems to get the most attention at the shoots - we love walking around the corner with that toy and watch the models expressions. Their looks are priceless! Melody is a pretty straight-laced girl who does not do any drugs, and she told us that this actually makes it harder to find a boyfriend. The last 2 or 3 guys that she had dated turned out to be potheads so she had to dump them. So right now at this moment Melody is totally single and looking for love, or at least a good fucking she told us. Melody is a hairdresser but is getting tired of that kind of work. She really wants us to help get her started in the adult entertainment business. Melody was eager to please and was a pleasure to work with. Now lets talk about her pussy!! Melody has a beautiful pussy that is made for hard fucking. It has to be the deepest pussy that we have ever seen. During the ALS Rocket scene, we used our longest tube and we still could not reach her cervix. We got some great inside shots of her pussy but we could not find her cervix in that scene. However, we got some great shots of her cervix in her speculum scene but it was not without some major effort. We first tried the scene on her back as normal but we still could not find it. She was joking that maybe she didn't have one. So we turned her over on her knees and did the speculum doggie style and there it was. Finally success!!. Melody is 24 years old, 5'4" tall and weighs 110 lbs. She loves to listen to trance and hang out at the techno clubs. Melody is also a singer and can spend hours a day just singing to the radio (although I do not know how that ties into her musical tastes in trance.) Melody normally has sex a couple times a week, but if she could she would do it 3 times a day. She likes both guys and girls equally but sees herself eventually settling down with a man. She only has one requirement - her man better have a tight butt - that drives her crazy. Melody loves to squeeze her mans ass while she is getting pounded. She first started shaving her pussy when she was 14 and had intercourse for the first time at 17. Melody's measurements are 32B-25-34.

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