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Eye color: brown Hair color: brown Height: 165 Weight: 56 Breast size: medium Country: Czech Republic Ethnicity: caucasian Czech 2009 Casting Assessment: Not Selected Mischelle was an easy decision not to shoot. There is nothing really wrong with her look, just that it was not what we were looking for. She is a bit heavier than we like to shoot and her face was not as pleasing as we prefer. Compare her to Model #2: Charlie Angel. Both girls are heavier than we like to shoot but Charlie Angel has a beautiful face so as a complete package she was selected. Mischelle might be fun to pick up in a bar to take home and play with but she did not have enough positive attributes that warranted serious consideration for a shoot. Given the amount of models that we had already selected or were possibly interested in, she was placed immediately into the "No Way" pile.

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