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Eye color: blue Hair color: blonde Height: 163 Weight: 48 Breast size: medium Country: United States A few years ago I met a boy and there was an instant strong mutual attraction. Sex on first sight. We didn't fall in love ' we fell into sex. It was totally uncontrollable. And this first moment came to be a hallmark of the whole relationship. We only had one common interest. If we did talk to each other it was mostly in order to arrange yet another session. If we did go out ' on certain occasions ' we unmistakably ended up in the club's toilet or in the nearest park. That we would get enough of it became absurd impossibility. I was mad. And the better it was, the bigger the thirst for it the next time. I suppose craving for hard drugs is an innocent game compared to the drive for the absolute experience, the absolute orgasm. It turned into a terrible addiction. Thank god my parents had enough courage to intervene. They locked me home for two weeks. I suppose that was the only way out.

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