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Eye color: brown Hair color: brown Height: 170 Weight: 50 Breast size: small Country: Hungary Ethnicity: caucasian Budapest 2008 Casting Assessment: Selected For me, Nikita is close to my perfect girl. I love her body and she has a great smile and very hot sexy look. I was not alone in this assessment. Nikita was instantly selected as well. There is something about how she arches her back when she poses that is so sexy. Yeah, I was looking forward to the shoot day that we scheduled for Nikita and she did not disappoint. Shoot #1 Review / Bio: No body is perfect, but Nikita Williams is pretty close. She has a terrific body, great smile, and very hot sexy look. You can see she is a natural model with the way she arches her back or throws her hip into a pose and it is super sexy! We met this honey on our 2008 trip to Budapest and she was instantly selected during the casting process, no questions asked. We were able to book her for a 1/2 day shoot and were really looking forward to it. Nikita did not disappoint us at the shoot and we picked up a total of 4 photosets and 4 masturbation videos which you will surely love. Nikita is just 20 years old, stands 5'7" tall (171cm), and weighs 110lbs (50kg). We'd love to hear what you think of this cutie!

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