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Eye color: brown Hair color: black Height: 165 Weight: 48 Breast size: medium Country: United States Ethnicity: caucasian Paisley is 18 years old, 5'5" tall, and weighs 105 pounds. This girl has to be the craziest model we have ever shot! On the morning of the shoot, our female assistant Beth went to pick up Paisley from her hotel room and take her to the shoot location. When Paisley answered the door, she looked Beth up and down and said, "Alex tells me you like women....wanna play a little before we go to the shoot?" Beth said "I'd love to but if we don't get to the shoot Alex will kill me." As Beth waited for Paisley to get ready, she noticed that there was a dildo and pussy lip clamps tangled up in the phone cord! Hmmm, somebody obviously had fun the night before :) Paisley said she doesn't go anywhere without her favorite dildo and clamps and begged Beth to untangle the mess so she could take them to the shoot. As you will see, Paisley was willing to do everything from pissing to fisting. Paisley's hobbies include masturbating and "babysitting the couch" and her favorite fantasy is to be totally taken advantage of by Stephanie Swift. Everyone who meets Paisley thinks she's Courtney Cox, we think you'll agree. She was 17 when she first had sex and since then she can't get enough. At the end of every scene, she asked if she could get off with her dildo. Paisley definately prefers women to men; she says there's nothing like licking good pussy. Her measurements are 34C-24-34. This girl was a total trip!!

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