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Eye color: blue Hair color: brown Height: 170 Weight: 55 Breast size: small Country: Russian Federation I'm afraid I'm considered, by most people who know me, an extremely lazy person.It's true that unless I really have to, I don't do much.But at the same time I have to say I'm proud of my laziness. It's a pretty odd thing to say ' I know.Yet lazy people don't get heart attacks, depression, anger... They don't commit suicides and they don't make wars.They're too lazy to bother.And I strongly believe they are psychologically healthier and happier.I mean we live in a world where doing nothing is seen almost as a sin ' it's resigning to a career, to your well-being even.And that's the trouble ' not being at peace with who you are ' but being ever pushed and driven into the belief that you're no-one unless you achieve this and that.Ambitious people are those who carry some deep wounds and by the 'achievements' they desperately try to make up for it.I'm not one of them ' I love myself as I am.

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