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Eye color: brown Hair color: brown Height: 173 Weight: 54 Breast size: medium Country: United States Ethnicity: caucasian Susan is 5'8" tall and weighs 118 lbs. She just turned 18!! Susan has a super tight body - and is very limber as you will soon see. One of Susans friend's told her about us and she has been calling us for over a year now begging us to shoot her. Naturally, we kept saying we are not even going to talk to you about it until you are 18. She was persistant and on her 18th birthday she immediately called us (she was still in High School - it almost didn't seem right). We were shooting her less than a week later. We are the first (guaranteed!) to ever shoot her nude. She showed up totally shaved and smooth as could be. She said "of course I am shaved. I have always shaved. I think hair down there is dirty. I have never liked it." Wow, our kind of girl!!! It was really wierd - she was really hesitant but yet at the same time she was really into it, like she was having the most fun she had ever had in her life. Susan loves dancing and hiking. She listens to alternative music and is a real party girl. Oh yeah, she also loves to shop (what girl doesn't?). Her fantasy? To spend a night with George Clooney.

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