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Eye color: brown Hair color: brown Height: 160 Weight: 45 Breast size: small Country: Czech Republic Ethnicity: caucasian Shoot #1 Review / Bio: ALS welcomes Suzie. You see, she may look young and sweet but this 20 year old will fuck anybody, anytime. This is no shit. She does not care who it is just as long as he has a hard cock. This is the kind of girl that lives fast and hard. She has probably seen her best years, and by the time she is 30...well you get the picture. Nonetheless, she was a lot of fun and cute enough that we selected her for one of our shoots. We think you will really like this honey - she can really open up her pussy super wide (probably because of all the action it has endured). Suzie is a small girl, standing only 5'4" (163cm) tall and weighing about 110 lbs (50Kg). When she is not fucking and modeling, she works as a checkout clerk at the local supermarket. She keeps this job because she meets lots of new guys all the time with it. Suzie likes to dance and shop. Her favorite groups/artists are Prince, 50-cent, and Justin Timberlake. Suzie also enjoys driving fast cars and motorbikes. She gave her first blowjob (and started shaving her pussy) at the age of 15 and had intercourse at 16. Suzie's measurements are 34B-24-34. (88B-60-88 cm). We shot lots of great pictures and video of Suzie so come on into our members section, sit back, and enjoy!! Czech 2008 Casting Assessment: Maybe - Maybe Yes - Selected During this trip we hired Suzie as our female assistant. So when there was a break during the casting and we were just waiting around for the next batch of girls to arrive, we decided to cast Suzie again, just in case we wanted to shoot some more of her. We had last shot Suzie in 2004 (four years prior) and immediately noticed that she looks even hotter now than she did back then. My assessment of Suzie four years ago could not have been more wrong. I thought that she would go the way of self-destruction. I am glad that I was wrong because she cleaned herself up and took hold of her life. Suzie was wonderful and one of the nicest people I have met in the Czech Republic (much like Nella, always happy and friendly). We selected Suzie for a new half-day shoot. The reason that she was initially placed in the "Maybe" pile is because we needed to make sure that there were no other new models that we would rather shoot in place of doing another shoot of her. Shoot #2 Review / Bio Update: ALS Member's seem to love Suzie so we had to shoot her again. First, we had her 1st ALS Shoot which turned out great, then we hooked up with her again so she could be our female assistant on our overseas trip, but she was looking so good as our assistant we decided another full shoot was in order. Suzie is a small girl, standing only 5'4" (163cm) tall and weighing about 110 lbs (50Kg). Suzie's measurements are 34B-24-34. (88B-60-88 cm). She has a HUGE sexual appetite, she will fuck practically whenever and whoever. She even gets along great with girls; working as our assistant with some other models, you could really see the passion ignite between them. Nothing better than true lesbian lust... Be sure to let us know what you think of Suzie's 2nd Shoot and Enjoy!

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