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Eye color: blue Hair color: brown Height: 170 Weight: 57 Breast size: small Country: Ukraine Ethnicity: caucasian I love sex with both sexes. I'm more after men, but then there are times when I would do anything to find the right woman. Because it's so very different. Very very very different thing. With a man I want and need to feel his masculine energy, the aggressiveness, the dominant streak, the drive, the power, the beast. With a woman I'm after the sharing. The gentle touches and the sensuous feel. But admittedly I've had really sensitive male partners who made me feel things I'd normally get only with a woman and, conversely, a female partner ' that was only on one occasion ' with whom we had a totally masculine sort of encounter ' that was a memorable one. That makes me feel how blessed I am to be able to enjoy all of this.

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