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Eye color: green Hair color: black Height: 160 Weight: 49 Breast size: small Country: Czech Republic I love going to a swimming pool. Or better still ' the beach when I'm by the sea. And I suppose the reason is the same as why I'm doing this job ' I just love to show off. I mean why on earth would I keep it hidden? It would be like having a Ferrari and never going for a ride! What I like about posing to a photographer is that I can disclose everything ' the downside being the absence of the admirer ' I mean the photographer is a professional ' he's usually a mere gate to the ones who will enjoy looking at my naked body to the full. But at the beach or a pool they're there! I can feel their stares right there on the spot. And although I usually only show my breasts ' these are the situations I feel sexiest ever ' they're the ones that make me feel oooooh ' can't describe it. After I've come home I often have to satisfy myself.

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